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Beyond excited to offer up a cassette version of the new Bitchin Bajas EP properly titled "Krausened". The other version being a limited 12" from Permanent Records that is now sold out.

Cooper Crain and Dan Quinlivan are two of my favorite midwestners, and together they have been writing some of the highest quality kosmische / krautrock type music happening right now. Timeless journeys through a stereo field of pure transcendental sound. On "Krausened" that sound has been arranged in the form of two side long tracks, both written, recorded, and mixed with great precision. Top-notch material that doesn't need a lengthy introduction. Make sure to keep an eye out for the next Bitchin Bajas full length to be released on Drag City mid-July.

Cover artwork by Jeremy Kannapell.

"A whole mess of cats in the drone-age try to spiral upward to the heights of Bitchin Bajas, but few nail the sacred combination of Harmonia/Neu! and Steve Hillage circa Rainbow Dome Music with the same air of confidence." - Tiny Mix Tapes

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